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Download the ebook CIRCLE OF CONFUSION: Jerry knew three things. First, he could charm listeners with his saxophone playing; which led to a Country Music Association performance and Dolly Parton singing with him on I Will Always Love You. Second, he strongly believed Brandy was his soul mate. Third, his decisions were destroying everything. Meanwhile, the self-ordained final performance in Aiken, South Carolina had arrived. Dressed in his finest, the rugged-looking biker with a body-builder physique walked on stage carrying his saxophone. But the joyous melodies in Jerry’s head had long been replaced by mournful sound coming straight from within his soul. There was only one way to be free of the accusations, arrest, conviction, and criminal sentencing. After the concert, Jerry returned to his hotel room to end the constant fear, frustration, and anxiety. No more guilt and unhappiness. It would soon be over. His only regret was his rejection of Brandy’s love and the pain this would cause her. Would she understand? Would she forgive him? Could anything save him?

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