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Circle of Confusion is a fun read by a new author, telling his story.  Without giving the plot or ending away, it was one of those reads that you felt you were right there with all the action- good or bad- and you couldn’t wait to get to the next page to see what was happening next. In a way this reminded me of what Job went through while keeping his faith, and Jerry too went through so much 

he too seemed to keep his faith. Maybe not quite like Job, but he always knew God was with him. Anyone who loves a page turner will enjoy this book, and the ending was a true pinnacle to the story. 

Becky Raymond – Jacksonville FL

 This is an autobiography of Jerry Doyle’s accomplishments, his failures, fears, and God’s divine intervention in turning his life around. Along the way while reading this book you get the sense that Jerry is searching for contentment. The reader is led through a journey of accomplishments, feelings of satisfaction, sexual desire, doom, and turning confusion into following a divine voice that prevented a tragedy. 

This man’s desire to be loved and with a woman that would love him back is a recurring theme in this book. He acknowledges his weakness for women and makes a few mistakes along the way. Each time a woman steals his heart he regrets being blind sighted by the women that he falls in love with. All the while he grapples with his feelings of unworthiness with accepting his talent and success with the saxophone. Even though others see his talent and flair for entertaining audiences with his incredible talent, he struggles with feeling worthy.  

Jerry writes about his success, failure, heartache, and embarrassment with his life choices. Sharing how it feels to fulfill a dream and his struggles to make his dream a reality leads him in situations that changes his life forever. He shares his obsession with climbing to the top and how in an innocent minute have it vanish before his eyes. The upside of performing with stars and the downside of being falsely accused. 

What I gained from this book is that God can move mountains. Doesn’t mean life will be full of sunshine there will be days of rain. God spoke to this man and turned his life around giving him the courage and strength needed to follow him. Through Jerry’s obedience to God he was blessed with a future with his soul mate Brandy. 

The ending made me want to know more. The story of Jerry Doyle continues through his testimony of Christs intervention in his life. 

Read this wonderful book in two days. Couldn't put it down. 

Pamela Blake – Apopka FL

 This book grabbed me on the first page. Circle of Confusion is the intense and powerful true story of Eirinn Abu's passion for life and music, his successes and heartaches. Eirinn takes you with him through his life, sharing intimate details of his faith and darkest times through his skillfully written personal journals. His encounters with new places and new people in the music business lead him to unimaginable highs and other times, disastrous circumstances. Every incident is wholly absorbing — I wanted to celebrate when he was on top of the world; I acutely felt his pain and disappointment. Every detail in this book is captivating, and it completely surpassed my high expectations. Circle of Confusion builds a complex portrait of a man who takes you on a roller coaster of twists and turns, with a climax that will give you the chills. Add it to your must-read list!   

Wendy Hall – Vermont

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